One Brick Capital's planning process starts with an introduction so you understand how we operate, but more importantly, we understand who you are as person. We then work through Discovery to learn who you are as an investor, gathering as much information about you and your investments and investment history as possible. Once we have established who you are and what you would like to accomplish, we then put together an analysis and a list of specific recommendations to implement in order to achieve your financial goals.  We review progress towards your goals on a scheduled basis and make adjustments when necessary to keep you on track.


Planning Process:

  • Introduction: we learn who you are as a person and introduce you to how we work

  • Discovery:  we learn who you are as an investor, and we help you identify and prioritize your investment objectives

  • Analysis:  we collaborate with our investment and planning teams, as well as your accountant and estate attorney to analyze your current strategies and holdings.

  • Implementation & Action:  We embrace a collaborative approach and work with you to provide actionable steps to implement in order to accomplish your goals in an efficient and straight-forward manner. 

  • Review and monitor:  We review your progress periodically to make sure you are still on track, and to account for any changes to your goals or your situation.